A Weekend of New Experiences – Roth 2009


 1) Running a marathon off a 4k swim and 180k bike is interesting: like that song – “you’re up and then down, in and then out” or maybe ” you’re in the portaloo and then sick, you’re fast and then slow…..”. Totally out of the game for 20km. Full on wanting to stop mode but knowing that I could not live with myself if I did!

2) Quelle Challenge Roth: the most amazing race. Another race that is more than a race. Excellent organisation (thanks Felix and Felix’s mum), flipping amazing crowds and a truly awesome course. PUT IT ON THE LIST.

3) Met some friends, made some new ones! Special mention to Rebecca Keat, Chrissie Wellington and Belinda Granger who were generous with their advice and encouragement. Special special mention to Belinda who was like my own personal ironman guide.

4)  I can now make spatzle. Email me for the recipe. Thanks thanks thanks to Family Keonig for a wonderful homestay.

4) Maybe I will do another one……….as a first experience I think that I did OK.

2 thoughts on “A Weekend of New Experiences – Roth 2009

  1. Did ok?? Your time is either the 4th or 5th fastest ironman time ever for ladies, not bad at all for your 1st one! Let’s hope for a major upset in Hawaii!

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